Espaces oniriques I

Solo instrument or voice

Composer's note:

"Espaces oniriques I", work for solo piano, is dedicated to Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven. It is a coded response to a question he asked me shortly before I began this composition: "Should I borrow an artist's name to avoid confusion with my French namesake? "Thus, from the introduction, motifs will appear, determined by the correspondence between letters and notes (in the tradition of BACH), quoting the initials, first name or surname of the dedicatee; similarly, the generating core of the work is based on a slow succession of harmonic fundamentals, corresponding to the initials, above which resound spectra frozen on the pitch plane, but using rhythmic dynamics evolving from extremely slow to extremely fast.

The title, "Dreamlike Spaces I", imagined while I was finishing the composition, evokes its climate but also suggests its form: just as in our dreams where certain types of situations, environments, "spaces" alternate more or less regularly, easily recognisable sequences alternate and are continually transformed as the piece unfolds.

"Dreamlike Spaces I" is also intended, through its contemplative aspect in listening to the sound, to be an evocation of the serenity and compassion inherent in Buddhist philosophy and a tribute to the martyred people of Tibet.

13 min.
for piano

Creation in Brussels (Boendael Chapel) by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven on 4 June 2000.

This work was written with the help of the French Community (Directorate General for Culture, Music Service).

Date de création
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