Mers Mortes

Sous titre
Piano for four hands
Chamber music without conductor

Composer's note:

"Mers Mortes" is a small suite for piano four hands in two movements, themselves entitled Comme une vision de désolation and Souffles. This composition, the first in my catalogue (1984 - 1985), is a poetic evocation, a nostalgic ode to nature too often threatened by man's fault.

Its writing is partly influenced by the final works of the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, and his style could appear to be neo-impressionist. The first piece weighs in with its statism stretched by chromatic writing, while the second is supported from beginning to end by an ostinato structuring the continuity of the movement. 

Piano 4 mains
7 min.
Date de création

"Mers Mortes", Ode (by its lyrical character) to nature endangered by man's fault. 1984 Cold War. The context may have changed, but the perils to nature are unfortunately just as relevant today.

Influenced by the language of Alexander Scriabin's latest works


2 independent parts or 2 movements :

Very slow Like a vision of desolation

Based on a chromatic pattern with a nostalgic and obsessive character.

A little lively and stable Blows

Starting with a repeated note in the manner of a bell symbolising the separation between the marine element (the bass) and the aerial element (the treble), the piece is built on an ostinato that rhythmically stabilises the whole movement despite the increasing agitation that runs through it.