Madrigal III

Madrigal III reabsorbs the near-totality of Madrigal I for solo clarinet, written 4 years earlier.  The clarinet's solos from that piece alternate with new "formants", more or less dense and also more or less slow (...).  This work, in which all the mobile for, is excluded, however favours a flexible and fluctuating interpretation.  The pitches always depend on absolute notation. other parameters [durations of sound and silence, intensities and attacks] are "released" and, thanks to relative notation, allow for freeing up "zones" within which the performer will be able to oscillate with more or less freedom.  [H. P.]

Composed in the springtime of 1962, Madrigal III was premiered at Le Domaine Musical on December 4, 1963.  The work is dedicated to the memory of Wolfgang Steinecke.

clarinet and 5 instruments [vn, vc, 2 perc. and piano]