Beyond the Divide


Those water leaks remember their old paths. Every drop that falls begins a track and ends up in the same well. Is there autonomy in the quest for truth?
…She believed fate belonged to her, but she cannot help submerging in those labyrinths as they continue to darken.
Beyond the Divide forces the spectator through a visceral state of mind, as if climbing a steep cliff of the human psyche.

Beyond the Divide is a collaboration between video artist Laura Colmenares Guerra and composer Todor Todoroff, a video concieved after the electroacoustic work Dédales

Featuring: Anonymous and Valeria Garre.

Technical note :
The best solution is to use a multitrack QuickTime Full HD video, with the following tracks assignment:
1 - 2 -> L-R Far Front speakers
3 - 4 -> L-R Front speakers
5 - 6 -> L-R Lateral speakers
7 - 8 -> L-R Rear speakers

Vidéo & electroacoustic music (octophonic)