This music was composed to accompany the book « Le Corps de l’Espace », about the use of new materials in architecture. But I was more interested in letting hear the presence of the women and men moving and living in these places. Hence the importance of the gesture of who touches, caresses, rubs or hits a surface, takes an object and drops it or leaves it rolling on the ground in a particular space… It inspired me to go back to the sources of « Musique Concrète » and to leave untouched the acoustic qualities of the spaces in which those materials resonate. That’s why recordings were made on real-to-real magnetic tapes and why no transformations were used other than slowing down, speeding up and reversing tape playback. All reverberations are natural.
On the other hand, the editing and mixing work tended to avoid anecdotic sounds (no steps sounds or grinding door sounds) to concentrate on morphologies and energetic profiles revealed by the gestures, on the natural reverberating spaces, on the changes of acoustical spaces and on the contrasts between nearby and distant sounds.
Imaginary soundscapes are created installing a dialogue between gesture and materials.

Release (CD included with the book) :
[LE CORPS DE L'ESPACE] Les nouveaux matériaux de l'architecture depuis 1850. TOME 5, Anne Norman.
Collection : Patrimoine contemporain en Brabant wallon.
Editeur responsable: J. Benthuys, Centre culturel du Brabant wallon, Maison de l’urbanisme.
Court-Saint-Etienne, 2003. 112 p.