Traces, transformations, fluctuations, rhythms and spatial architectures are the essential elements of this composition.

Different sonic materials are analysed according to psycho-acoustical criteria and processed using transpositions and sequential shifts, time quantisation and distortion and application of various selection criteria. This creates a transfigured reality through digital synthesis and the live instruments. This reality explores various sonic universes whilst keeping traces of some of the energetic and morphological characteristics of the original sound sources. For example, the particular rhythm and prosody of a voice will be transposed into instrumental phrases. A granulation algorithm controlled in real time by the Theremin player manipulates another voice and submits it to temporal, timbral and spatial changes. This voice is heard again reciting the verses of the Danish poet J. P. Jacobsen “Evig og uden forandring”. The phenomena of instability and balance running through the entire score are closely linked with the analysis methods. This can be heard in the strings, the Theremin, and the keyboard parts. In a paradoxical way, these unstable elements when juxtaposed, repeated, permuted and transformed, create rhythms that are emphasized by the percussion. Various techniques of sound-projection place the listener in virtual architectures that are alternatively smooth and metric, static and dynamic.

Commissioned by Musiques Nouvelles / Art Zoyd
String instruments: Musiques Nouvelles
Electronic instruments: Art Zoyd
Voice : Birgitte Odgaard Nielsen
MAX/MSP instruments and mixing: ARTeM
Musical assistant: Carl Faia
Live première: Brussels, Marni, 30/11/03
Octophonic tape version première: Bourges, 11/06/05

EXP-01 In-possible Records (2005) « Expériences de vol 4-5-6 »

CYP4650 Cyprès (2012) « Musiques Nouvelles | 50th anniversary edition »