Zap's Init

Solo instrument or voice
Guitare électrique
8 min.
for electric guitar
Date de création

Commissionedby BOZAR MUSIC, ZAP’S INIT was especially written for (and with the benefit ofuseful hints by) Hugues KOLP, as a tribute to our shared interests for certainkinds of music like those of Frank ZAPPA, and of his guitarist Steve VAI amongother big names of the Pop scene…This piece is not the result of an open desireto write music in the “rock” idiom,  but ratherconsists out of the use of certain sound structures of this realm as a sourceof inspiration, that are integrated in a kaleidoscopic form based on somescientific-rooted functions.

Completely mad music, half way between rock music andspectral music (with material provided from acoustic analysis of electricguitare sounds)... than taht music could be seen / heard as a “spectral rock”!!! with an initial program (INIT) who provides a formal process throughoughthe piece.

« Musicweb International » wrote about thatpiece which was premiered at the festival Ars Musica – Brussels 2008 : Zap’s Init was composed for and with the guitarist HughesKolp. The title of the piece alludes to Frank Zappa, composer and progressivesongs writer, admired by Ledoux. The piece might be best described as abrilliantly coloured kaleidoscope exploiting the many possibilities of theinstrument, sometimes with sound transformation in real time or as a somewhatsurreal “crazy” Toccata. It certainly was the loudest work in this program, butgreat fun indeed.

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