Ajma ou le plaisir du geste

Solo instrument or voice
8 min.
for violin
Date de création

Ajma ou Le plaisir du geste (1990)

for solo violin (1990 - 7 min.)

Premiere : Claire Lagasse – Festival Ars Musica 1991 (B)

This work for violin solo was an expression of the composer's passion for India and is loosely based on a musical transcription of a famous North Indian Raga.

Raga Vasanta.... coloured clouds of melismas with a subtle scent of eroticism. Here, the violin mimics the sweet voice formed in the khyal singing. The instrument is identified with the volupuous goddesses Sarasvati and Durga. However none surpasses the beauty of Ajma those actions call many caresses of the bow across the strings of the human resonances. Music is born from a simple gesture, followed by some variations and arabesques which response to the actions of this woman who haunts our dreams and desires of the East.

Mango trees are in blossoming,

My beautyful girlfriend...

Ajam, the moven, drinks with her eyes

the beauty of the body of the beloves

And throws him

A cloud of red dust...

Mango treas are blossoming...