Album à la jeunesse

Solo instrument or voice
Music for youth
30 min.
solo piano
Date de création
Album à la jeunesse - Album for the Youth (30')

A serie of short piano pieces - excepted for two of them for several pianists -  for young (and less young, but young in their mind) musicians from music school with different levels of skill. That album was written at the demand of Laurence Mekhitarian, dedicatee of one of the piece of that cycle.

List of the pieces included within that album :

- Souvenir in Es

- "Le petit carnet d'Aurélie" : I. Ballade

- Les Anges Tristes

- Saveurs du Sud

- Shô...(z) 

- "Le petit carnet d'Aurélie" : II. Stranger in Liege's Paradise

- Mélopée Cachée 

        3 versions :  a) piano solo, precised rhythms

                            b) piano solo, free rhythms

                            c) Duo piano & piano midi)

- "Deux Pièces faciles" : I. Petit Mouvement d'Espace-Temps

- "Deux Pièces faciles" : II. Souvenir de Souvenir en S

- Les Triplettes de Belleville et leur "Trio de Trio"

         for an ensemble of "pianistes-percussionnistes"

Dance with Rihanna (and Ligeti behind the door) was also composed in this context, but because of its length and the peculiar difficulty of the piece, I decided to publish it as an independent work.

These pieces were premiered by young (and sometimes older) performers from the "piano contemporary music workshop" provided in Brussels by  Laurence Mekhitarian  - who premiered also "Taste of the South" -  at the occasion of the Ars Musica Festival (2013/03/10).

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