Monday, November 25, 2019

"Unpredictable and changing are the shadows. Unique and personal. "

Paul Eluard

The Ensemble Paramirabo presents here the result of an exchange between Quebec and Belgium, whose first tour took place in Quebec in May 2019 in collaboration with the Montreal contemporary music platform Le Vivier. 

This project programs works by Quebec composers, as well as a creation for Ensemble Pierrot by Belgian composer Alithéa Ripoll, Les Ombres Blanches, and Les Environnements improvisés by Belgian naturalized Quebec composer André Ristic. 

Ensemble Paramirabo promotes programming that reflects gender parity and diversity by offering a special place to creative women and young people. An important cultural exchange and a source of inspiration and creation, this concert creates a dialogue between audiences, artists, presenters and creators. 


Ana Sokolović, Ciaccona (2002; Arr. Ana Sokolović, 2011) 
Gabriel Dharmoo, On the shores of (2011, 12) 
Alithéa Ripoll, Les ombres blanches (2019) (creation) 
André Ristic, Faunes/Flores (2019)
Nicole Lizée, Music for Body-Without-Organs (2011) 

Jeffrey Stonehouse, flute and artistic direction
Victor Alibert, clarinets
Geneviève Liboiron, violin
Viviana Gosselin, cello
Daniel Áñez, piano
David Therrien-Brongo, percussion

Co-production: Composers' Forum
With the support of the Conseil des Arts et des Lettre du Québec et du Vivier (Montréal) and Arts au Carré

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