Skein Relation

Sous titre
Dance music

What kind of ordinary element will affect an individual and then further change the mentality and physical dynamics of a whole group?

Skein Relations portraits the invisible restraint in human relations, and thus raises the question of emotional infection.

When sensory and emotional fluctuation overrides rational recognition to disturb our beliefs...

When collective vibration surpasses geographic and cultural boundaries to create resonance...

Will such disturbance leave some sort of ... visible tracks that are irreversible in the space?

By adopting the “non-Newtonian fluid” as called by scientists, LIN I-fang sets the conditions for emotional infection on the stage to begin to explore our emotional fluctuation in both inside and outside. The fluid changes its density along with the intensity of the physical interactions among dancers. Such an environment for emotions to spread and extend turns the stage into an exhibition field full of vitality and meanwhile explores the vibration effects in both inside and outside.

Skein Relations invites audiences to jointly stretch their physical bodies, to extend their emotional infection in depth, and to connect with the harmonious integration between the world and us.

60 minutes
Electronics (12 tracks)
Date de création