Voices Part III

Sous titre
Acousmatic music

I have always been touched by the voice, spoken or sung, attracted by foreign languages and deeply disturbed by certain timbres, inflections, breaths or prosodies. The study of the analysis and synthesis of the voice at the ULB's Laboratory of Experimental Phonetics, the understanding and extraction of the different parameters that affect its timbre have in no way explained why I came into particular resonance with certain voices and vocal modes rather than others. 

This work is the third part of the intuitive and sensual exploration of this mystery.

It is inspired in particular by Russian texts of which I recorded excerpts with a native speaker in Moscow. On the one hand "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov and on the other hand texts by the dissident poet/singer Yanka Diaguileva. The two authors resisted, 50 years apart and to a different extent, Soviet censorship by secretly disseminating their works through samizdat and magnitizdat.


Poetry, magic realism, surrealism, dreaming as a safety valve to resist dictatorship.


This piece also uses elements of sung voices and electronic voices played on a theremin, an instrument incidentally called termenvox in the Soviet Union in honor of its inventor, Lev Sergeevitch Termen, known as Léon Theremin in French.

All the elements are subject to numerous digital transformations.


Voice: Anna Pospelova. Produced with the help of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, General Administration of Culture, Music Service.

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