Lune solitaire et silencieuse

Sous titre
for piano solo
Solo instrument or voice

This piece for piano solo was commissioned by the International Andeé Dumortier Competition as compulsory work for the semi-final, 2016. The contest has foreseen a special prize of excellence for the performance of this piece.

Its title, Lonely, Silent Moon, originates from a verse of The Song of Yangzhou by Jiang Baishi (1155-1221), a poet and musician of the Song dynasty. The poet expressed his melancholy after a visit to the famous historical city of Yangzhou (founded in 486 BC) during the winter of 1196. The changes that affected the city caused the loss of its former beauty, what touched him deeply.

The idea of this piece is a thought on the passage of time in man's life. The first phrase quotes a few notes of the song, as a reflection. D is the work's key note, starting the piece as it is closing it, in homage  André Dumortier.  Furthermore, this piece is my own way of representing the "Moonlight", a tribute to two respectful grandmasters, Beethoven and Debussy.

7 min.
Piano solo
Date de création