Festival LOOP 12

The 20th anniversary of the Composers' Forum is the occasion of an important renewal, because it is a question of formalising the evolution of the association through a change of name which reflects the diversity of its members but also the activities which structure its influence. Consequently, the Forum des Compositeurs becomes the Forum de la Création Musicale.

With each edition of the LOOP festival, the FCM tries to offer you an exhaustive overview of contemporary musical news in FWB without trying to identify a particular theme, which would reduce the range of proposals and the desire to experiment of the artists who perform there and which you can discover in our detailed programme. 

Full programme 

Monday 12th 

8 pm Cherchons un peu,

Three generations of Liège composers

Works by Henri Pousseur, Michel Fourgon and Alithéa Ripoll.

Performers: Rudy Mathey, bass clarinet and double bass, Marie Billy, vocals

Max Charue, percussion, Alithéa Ripoll, percussion and piano

Toon Fret, flute, Michel Massot, sousaphone

and the Centre Henri Pousseur, electronic device


Tuesday 13th 

8 pm Tribute concert to Stephan Dunkelman

By the Belgian Federation of Electroacoustic Music  

Works by Stephan Dunkelman, Elizabeth Anderson, Charo Calvo, Dimitri Coppe, Ingrid Drese, Stéphanie Laforce, Daniel Perez Hajdu, Jean-Louis Poliart, Todor Todoroff, Raphaël Vens and a piano improvisation by Stéphane Orlando on a soundtrack by Stephan Dunkelman 


Wednesday 14th 

8 pm Le Grain Sacré

Dejana Sekulic, violin and Gilles Doneux, live electronics

music for violin and electronics by Belgian composers

Works by Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Dejana Sekulic and Gilles Doneux


Thursday 15th 

8 pm Diaphane

Ensemble Styx, wind quintet

Anne Davids, flute; Kristien Ceuppens, oboe, Dries Tack, clarinet; 

Bert Helsen, bassoon , Jonathan Rongvaux, horn 

Works by Claude LEDOUX, Philippe BOESMANS, Denis BOSSE, Pierre KOLP, Thomas FOGUENNE

9pm: Gestures in resonance

Gian Ponte, piano

Philippe Boesmans, Martin Loridan, Jean-Pierre Deleuze 

Alexander Scriabin, Renaud de Putter, Benoît Mernier, Claude Debussy


Friday the 16th 

 8pm Jaillissements

Duo Origines : Laurent Pigeolet, composition, piano, improvisation and Laure Stehlin, flutes, singing, improvisation.

Contemporary music, improvised music, computer-assisted music, original compositions, transcriptions and rewritings 

Works by Laurent Pigeolet, Olivier Messiaen, Emmanuel De Falla, Tristan Murail, Laure Stehlin, Jean Casterède, Igor Stravinsky, JS Bach, Henri Purcell.


Saturday 17th 

8 pm Ready-Made, or the search for extra-musical objects and concepts in the work of composers Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Paul Pankert, Paul Craenen, Joanna Baillie, Apolline Jesupret

Fabian Coomans, piano


Sunday 18, 

6 pm: Eco Ricercata

Concert - Meeting - Film

A work by Denis Bosse by the Ensemble Fractales and the Centre Henri Pousseur on a film by Isabelle Françaix