Rupture d'équilibre

Acousmatic music
Electroacoustic music
Date de création

Themain source behind "Rupture d'équilibre" is a computer program Idesigned to simulate the behavior of a pendulum. The program lets the userassign a mass to the pendulum, define the forces which will drive it and adamping factor, allowing the user to access all the pendulum parameters in realtime. Its position and speed are then used to drive all kinds of MIDI devices,from a sampler to signal processing units.

Theidea was to get the feeling of a "real" event occurring, andperceiving it through the sound it makes. Random forces may be added so thatthe equilibrium is disrupted, and real-time fader control is used to change thestate gradually or abruptly.

Dependingon the parameter's values and on the sounds used, the results are sometimesquasi-organic, sometimes pretty cold and inhuman.

 Anhypnotic swing plays hide and seek with sounds and memory, creating an atmospherewhere nothing remains certain...

"Rupture d'équilibre" (First version), composed at ARTeM studio, was premiered at the 1994 Festival Ars Musica in Brussels, Belgium on the 27th of March 1994, and was finalist at the I. Concorso Internacional de Musica Eletroacustica de Sao Paulo 1995 (Brazil). "Rupture d'équilibre" (Final version, March 1997) was premiered at Discoveries XXXVI in Aberdeen, UK on the 21st of May 1997 and was finalist at the Musica Nova competition (Czekia, 2000).