The World Starts Every Minute

Sous titre
En collaboration avec Marie-Jo Lafontaine
Electroacoustic music
Sound Installation
for 13 Loudspeakers
Date de création
Sound space and fictional space in The World Starts Every Minute Marie-Jo Lafontaine’s piece The World Starts Every Minute is a sound and sculpture installation whose environment gives off gravity, lightness, physicality and intensity, is made together with Todor Todoroff. Todor Todoroff is both a sound engineer and composer. Sound, laughter and song are therefore the constituent elements in The World Starts Every Minute that function because of the precise, sophisticated spatial, fictional and dramatic staging created by the soundtrack.
In The World Starts Every Minute, the seven acoustic cones and the hexaphonics form a space for sound, but the spatialisation of the sound itself, its amplitude, its movement tightening, bursting forth, comes from the seven loudspeakers. As a whole, they create an experience of space made up of sounds which are unleashed or suspended, which move as subtly and vertiginously as a swell of waves ebbing and flowing, producing a sensation of moving, vibrating volumes, a perceptual world made of plastically invisible sound. The spectator, moving around, moves closer to the acoustic cones as if drawn in by a magnet, by sounds that absorb and need to be more closely examined.

Alexandre Castant

The World Starts Every Minute!, 2007, wood construction