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The first Real Book Belgium

An initiative of Fédération des Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie–Bruxelles, Lundis of Hortense and Noodik Productions.

Real Book, funny name reference to 1940s and 1950s « Fake Books », is a book bringing together many jazz standards scores.

The scores collected for this first edition of RBB were written by Belgian jazz artists but also contemporary music composers. Some of the scores present a blending of these two music styles.


Actually, the RBB is at first destined to students from academies of music and conservatories of music but also to self-taught musicians, etc…

The Real Book Belgium has two goals : The first one is to be an expression tool for young (and less young) musicians….The second is to contribute to the preservation and the broadcasting of our country musical tradition in Belgium and abroad through JMI’s network.

Let’s keep alive and more importantly broadcast belgian music around the world !


The Realbook Belgium is available form the following website : 

Fédération des Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE37 0681 0482 8028 (BIC : GKCCBEBB) . Don't forget to mention your name and postal address. 

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