Henri Pousseur : Prince Icare ! une coffret de 2 CDs et un DVD

In this box set publish under the label https://homerecords.be, a crucial part of the output of Henri Pousseur (1929-2009) is illustrated and commented on : his “Open Forms” !
The open scores of Henri Pousseur are a workshop of Potential music.
In fact the performer is no longer dealing with a "work"..

He is at the very heart of a constantly renewed creative process, invited to choose, to peruse some harmonic "networks"…

He becomes more and more emancipated, carried away by a collective force within a “societal village”, organised by the composer as a model of a harmonious society.
The performer is surprised to find himself inventing, giving expression! It is Joy..!
This boxset is intended as a link, a relay point along the tracks of a musical poetic with windows looking out onto Planetary Landscapes, being examples of both music-antennae, and music-roots, sounding out the musicians themselves as ancestral traditions.

Beneath the performances heard and seen in this box set, there is an idea-basis, that of a​n ICARUS method, a new ICARUS, one that no longer falls, one that flies off in delight right from the start of a musical training that favours gameplay, understanding and invention.

 Jean-Pierre Peuvion     ( Translation by Jeremy Drake )