Clarinet Concerto (2012)

Premiered at the Belgian Festival ARS MUSICA by Jean-Luc Votano, clarinet, and the Liege Royal Philharmonic conducted by Manuel López Gómez.

This concerto try to make a travel between two strong references : the music of the armenian Duduk (through a quotation of a traditional harvest song : Kali Yerg) and some samples of arab raps provided on the web at the occasion of the Arab Spring (especially at the time of the Tunisian Revolution)

Furthermore, "Ayl" means "other" in the old Armenian. This word has the same root as the French one "Altérité", the Greek "Allos" or the English "else". It is a tribute to the theme of the festival Ars Musica 2012 : Altra Cosa. A witness of my love for the music of other non-occidental countries. Some "windows" - as written in Les Testaments trahis by Milan Kundera - some openings on the actual world with this incredible network of exchanges of informations through the different cultures on earth.

This "narrative" music is dedicated to his wonderful performer, Jean-Luc Votano.



for Bb Clarinet and orchestra