Le songe troublé de l'orchidée





Le songe troublé de l'orchidée

for solo violoncello (1994)

This work is indeed the first sketch for my chamber concerto for cello Torrent (1995). Both titels are refering to India, a country I visited during spring 1992. Particularly in Assam, an Himalaya region where people can find beautiful "natural" gardens whith thoudands of wild orchids. Peaceful places where the silence is disturbed only by the noises of raging torrents during the monsoon. Maybe that music could be considered as a mimesis of that description. By the way : is not Man at the image of that kind of Nature ? In that sense, making reference to our mind which tries to find the peace during meditation, but which is always disturbed by undesirable thoughts like torrents. That dualism is expressed in the different sound phenomenons produced by the cello itself ; subtle stabilities and strong instabilities which may arise from "troubles" of sound-production techniques during the performance.

(Claude LEDOUX)


for cello