Miniature d'ombre

Sous titre
Hommage à Henri Pousseur
Solo instrument or voice
2 min.
for piano
Date de création

2 Miniatures - A tribute to Henri Pousseur :

Miniature d’ombre - Miniature of Shade (1995)

Miniature de lumières - Miniature of Light (2008)

For solo piano


I met Henri Pousseur in 1978 through Jean-Louis Robert's enthousiasm. That « spirituel » son, who died unfortunally that same year, introduced me to that composer who was at that time Director of the Liege’s Conservatoire. He was also - for the timid student i was at that time - one of the greatest representatives of the contemporary music in Belgium. Since then, numerous meetings punctuated my singular relation with this wonderful artist who showed himself, years after years, a charming personality. These small musical pieces aim to be two tributes, composed at different moments in my career, in order to say a great « thanks » for helping me, not only musically, but also on the growing in the faith of the artistic necessity. The creation taking its origin in the "shades", but also a music for the hope of better humanity, with "light", in a Promethean sense, with many respects to the idealism of Icare.

Here are these two miniatures which resound with harmonies elaborated between "pousseuriennes" colors and my fascination for the spectral resonances.

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