Saturday, November 30, 2019


Like a dream

In a dream, the impossible becomes possible, distant images come closer and the

the usual course of time is suspended. Also, by dreaming, we experience new situations in

an environment paradoxically populated by familiar objects, places and characters.

This recital aims to reproduce a dreamlike experience. Les Fantiasiestücke op.12 by Robert

Schumann are the guiding principle. This collection of eight pieces for piano is freely inspired by

Fantasiestücke by E.T.H.H. Hoffman, tales in which dreams and fantasy play a role

of the foreground. Throughout the recital, Schumann's pieces will alternate with works from the 21st century.

century which also have a link with or evoke a dreamlike dimension. It's like a dream,

distant worlds will be merged and time will be suspended...


Programme :

  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.1 ‘Des Abends’
  • Henri Pousseur - Zwei kleine Spinnereien über einem Thema von Clara Wieck (1996)
  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.2 ‘Aufschwung’
  • Hao-Fu Zhang - La voûte éthérée (1998)
  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.3 ‘Warum?’
  • Jean-Louis Poliart - Mélancolie (2004)
  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.4 ‘Grillen’
  • Adrien Tsilogiannis - Apprivoiser la pénombre (2019)
  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.5 ‘In der Nacht’
  • Jean-Pierre Deleuze - Espaces oniriques (2000)
  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.6 ‘Fabel’
  • Claude Ledoux - A flower’s dream (2010)
  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.7 ‘Traumes Wirren’
  • Stéphane Orlando - Une dernière étreinte (2019)
  • Robert Schumann - Fantasiestück op.12 n.8 ‘Ende vom Lied’


Alessandro Cervino, piano

12.00 €
Prix réduit:
10.00 €
Chaussée de Wavre, 366




Founded in 2012 in Lausanne and dedicated to the promotion of contemporary music, the Sargo Ensemble brings together young musicians from Switzerland, Romania and Taiwan. 

The theme of Chocolate is proposed here not with the aim of competition or contradiction, but rather of resemblance between Swiss and Belgian culture. It brings together established artists and young people from different backgrounds and contrasting approaches. You will hear works by Claude Ledoux, inspired by Asian culture, Michael Jarrell, whose music can be characterized by a certain transparency of texture within a formal conception of discursive and dramatic essence, Thierry de Mey affirming multidisciplinary vision of music and Jean- Pierre Deleuze, influenced by spectral aesthetics and with references to oriental musical traditions. 

Three creations by composers Stéphane Orlando, Andreas Brenner and Victor Coltea complete this program. 




  • Stéphane Orlando – Le Musée du Silence, après une lecture de Yôko Ogawa – pour flûte, saxophone, violon, violoncelle, piano et percussion 
  • Claude Ledoux – Trios itinérances – for saxophone, violon, piano

  • Thierry de Mey – Ice – pour violon et violoncelle

  • Jean-Pierre Deleuze – Reflets – pour flûte, violoncelle, piano

  • Arturo Corrales - El paso de la muerte patente – flûte, saxophone, percussion et piano 
  • Michael Jarrell - ...Nachlese... II – pour violon et violoncelle 
  • Victor Coltea – Création – pour flûte, saxophone, violon, violoncelle, piano  et percussion




Coproduction : Forum des compositeurs/Le Senghor


12.00 €
Prix réduit:
10.00 €
Chaussée de Wavre, 366