Cristal de Bohême

Sous titre
As part of the "Pierrot Rewrite", Ars Musica 2014
Chamber music with conductor

Composer's note :

"Dear Arnold,

What a stroke of genius, your lunar Pierrot! It is your work which appears to us as the most original, the most singular, and yet you composed it in a spontaneous, almost continuous flow. When I think that you composed one piece a day!... what a feat, all the more so because his writing was part of the exploration of a radically new style, marked by the will to abandon all tonal references, and long before the technique of twelve-tone composition imposed itself with complete clarity in your thinking.

You show us the beauty that can be drawn from the recurrent use of intervals reputed to be "dissonant", such as the tritone or the seventh major, which give your music that constant, immediately recognisable colour, and whose style could only serve Giraud's poetry...

What a powerful lesson in composition and artistic elaboration for all of us!

I tried to take advantage of it. However, I must confess that I cannot think of my music without inscribing it in "resonance fields", rather than in "dodecaphonic fields", always concerned with safeguarding a certain harmonic dimension. But this concern should be welcomed by the author of one of the most famous harmony treatises... isn't it?".

 With all my admiration, Jean-Pierre


This work was written with the help of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Direction Générale de la Culture, Service de la Musique).

Voix de mezzo soprano
Flûte piccolo
Clarinette Sib
voice and instrumental ensemble
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